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Daz's Hawks 'N' More

Darren, who lives in Tipton, has been involved with birds of prey since the age of 10 or 11. His first bird was a kestrel called "Jessie". After Jess died circumstances did not allow Darren to have another bird until 2002. Then he got his first hawk and has not looked back since.

Gradually Darren has built up his collection of birds. He now has two Harris Hawks, a Barn Owl and a young Tawny Owl as well as a Bengal Eagle Owl and a Red Tailed Hawk although he has owned and flown others.

He has also worked closely alongside the "Independent Bird Registry", volunteering his time to rescue lost birds.

Darren's birds:

Harris Hawks

Maggie is a female hawk. She is very dominant in the group, always showing her authority. Fred is a male and more approachable than the lady, easygoing and steady. He is much smaller than the lady.

Barn Owl

Blue is an imprinted Barn Owl (hand reared from 4 weeks old), very friendly and loves attention.

Tawny Owl

Crisp is the youngest of the bunch and very cute. 

To contact Darren please ring 0121 557 2128 or 0782 819 6225 or email janedaz@talktalk.net.

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