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Ian Henery  (Poet Laureate of Walsall)

Ian Henery is Managing Director of Ian Henery Solicitors  Ltd. in Walsall & Birmingham in the UK`s West               Midlands. On National Poetry Day 2011, he was made     Walsall's first ever Poet Laureate by the Mayor of            Walsall. He was former Associate Writer at the Bird of    Prey Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Ian has been          involved in a number of initiatives with organisations and   groups throughout Walsall over the last few years -          working with Caldmore Area Housing Association (poetry workshops for women and children who are survivors of    domestic abuse), the Walsall Manor Women's Project     (poetry workshops for women seeking to exit the sex       industry and drug abuse) and Walsall Manor Hospital for  a neo-natal unit.  Ian was presented with an award in       Sheffield by the charity Unlimited for his work with the      Walsall Manor Project and inducted into their ranks as a social entrepreneur with the     Millenium Awards trust.

If you would like to check out Ian's work view his website on:


A Sonnet to the Slasher by Ian Henery

 William Perry (1820 - 1880)

A legend of the pugilistic ring

William Perry, Slasher of Tipton;

He is immortal, this Black Country son,

A boxer with a crushing right arm swing.

A national hero, balladeers sing

In praise of his manly art,  foes knocked down.

Champion of England, he wore the crown

Because our Tipton Slasher was the king.


On the narrow boats when seven years old

And boxing in London, other men yield

At sixteen and the victor of the field.

Far from home but the Slasher`s heart was bold,

For Tipton and his honour to uphold.

His candle burned like a blast furnace flame:

The Tipton Slasher!  Forget not his name!

King of pugilists, laurels tipped with gold.


Steve Bartley ( writer )

Steve Bartley (Writer)

Steve was born in Richards Road, Princess End. He emigrated to Bradley at an early age and finally settled in Coseley.

Steve is not related to David Bartley but shares his passion for fishing and Wolves, attending games since the age of 8 and being a season ticket holder for many years.

Steve was a keen runner and a member of Tipton Harriers for many years but dodgy knees have now put pay to pounding the roads. He also played Sunday League football up to the age of 44 at which point it started to take 4 days to recover and 3 days to get ready for the next game!

Steve’s other passion is mountains. To celebrate his 50th birthday he spent three weeks in the Himalayas, trekking to Everest base camp and climbing 5,700 metres to the summit of Kala Patar. He can often be found in North Wales on less arduous climbs.

Steve writes humorous short stories inspired by a sense of place and belonging to the area known as the Black Country. The stories are mostly fictional but the inspiration comes from real people, real places and real events.

His first collection of short stories ‘The Ascent of Sedgley Beacon, The Bilston Moon Landing Hoax and Other Stuff’ was originally put together for family and friends but, by word of mouth, it has reached a much wider audience.

Steve followed up on the success of his first book with ‘Don’t Spook the Bonk Oss’ which has also been very well received.

Steve has received emails from as far afield as Australia, America and Cradley Heath! Steve has regularly had stories published in the Black Country Bugle and he has appeared on local radio to talk about his books.

Steve also writes poetry based on a Black Country theme, some in dialect, some not. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his first collection of poetry titled ‘It’s Poetry Aye It’.

Steve’s books are available from his web site  www.keepouttheossroad.webs.com  

Steve can be contacted at  barttheleveller@hotmail.co.uk

Bartley, David   ( Tiptonian Wordsmith )

David was born in Stella Road, Tipton. He still lives in     Stella Road, just nine doors from his birthplace. He is married to Susan, and they have one daughter, Lucy.

David was educated at Locarno Infant and Junior Schools, Park Lane Boys School and Alexandra High School. He can often be found fishing along the canal and has been a keen supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers since 1965.

In 2002, he was awarded the title 'Tiptonian Of the Year', an award he shared with fellow Tipton Baths campaigner, Patricia Griffiths. David penned his first poem in 2003 and has hardly stopped writing since! He has made a number of appearances on both television and radio.

Every three months we will publish one of his poems on our website. As he told us he is forever writing, so as long as David's ink does not run out, he will be able to entertain you with his art.


The dialect's unique (we spake, we dow speak)

We dow say you, we say yow,
We dow say don't, we say dow.
We dow say door, we say dowa,
We dow say floor, we say floowa.

We dow say can't, we say cor,
We dow say shan't, we say shor.
We dow say chair, we say cheeya,
We dow say beer, we say beeya.

We dow say will, we say wull,
We dow say shall, we say shull.
We dow say case, we say kerse,
We dow say face, we say ferce.

We dow say pan,  we say pon,
We dow say man, we say mon.
We dow say plate, we say plert,
We dow say great, we say grert.

We dow say shop, we say shap,
We dow say drop, we say drap.
We dow say same, we say serm,
We dow say name, we say nerm.

We dow say bake, we say berk,
We dow say cake, we say kerk.
We dow say laugh, we say loff,
Nuff's bin sed - I'm off!

David's book 'Tipton This 'n' Tipton That' is available at Tipton Library. 

Colbourne, Graham James (Black Country Watercolour Artist)

Graham was born on 4th May 1945 at 120 High Street, Princes End, Tipton next door to the now Tilted Barrel. He is married to Judith, and they have two sons, both Wolves supporters.

Graham began school at the Joint and Wallbrook Junior School, then went onto Ockerhill School and finished his education at Willingsworth. He admits that school was never his scene. He preferred to sketch trains coming up Cox's bank and the back of Kendricks Coaches. In his own words: "Those were the days." 

At the age of 11 Graham lost an eye in an accident on Tipton Park. In 1990 and 1999 he had heart attacks forcing him into early retirement.

Now, having more time on his hands, Graham started painting in watercolour and has a passion for ships and the Black Country. He completed his first calendar BLACK COUNTRY PUBS PAST AND PRESENT in 2009.

Graham is running an art group at Tipton library every second Monday. Please call him if you are interested in joining.

You can contact Graham on 01384 237 864 or visit his Flickr site.


Hathorne, Carol (Author)

Carol was born in Hallam hospital in May 1944, and until the age of 10 lived on the Lost City estate with her parents and younger brother.  She attended Ocker Hill infants, then St Marks C of E junior school, and later, Wednesbury County Commercial School.  She always wanted to write and over the years has had many short stories and novels published. 

She has worked in libraries (Wombourn and West Bromwich), as a reporter on the West Bromwich News (1966-67) and as a `temp` in many local offices. 

In 1991, she was ordained as a deacon in the Church of England and served as a curate at St Paul`s, Wood Green.  She was priested in May 1994 in Worcester cathedral. 

Carol is married to Mark, who is from Boston, USA.  Between them they have three grown up children and the number of grandchildren is still rising.

Books by Carol Hathorne:

Only Sixteen - published by Kates Hill Press
Twenty One Today - published by Kates Hill Press (sequel to Only Sixteen)
Assist Our Song - published by Bible Reading Fellowship
Five Minutes Love - published by Isis Reminiscence Series
The Accidental Church - published by Chivers Large Print
Angels Keep Watch - published by Chivers Large Print
A Ferret In The Vestry - published by Chivers Large Print
Different Shoes (children's book) - published by Scripture Union
Christian Dance For those Who Can't - published by Monarch

 Books by Carol Marsh:

Joy In the Morning (teenage book) - published by Scripture Union
Ripples In The Pool (teenage book) - published by Scripture Union
Sophie In Love - published by Magna Large Print
A Young Man's Darling - published by Chivers Large Print
For The Love Of Lucy - published by Ulverscroft Large Print (Thorpe)
Nurse Under Suspicion - published by Ulverscroft Large Print (Thorpe)
Dearest Enemy - published by Ulverscroft Large Print (Thorpe)
A Primrose For Sarah - published by Ulverscroft Large Print (Thorpe)
A Match For Melanie - published by Thorpe
Happily Ever After - published by Thorpe
Enchanted Valley - published by Robert Hale

Hawthorne, Brendan   (Performance Poet, Songwriter, Magazine Editor)

Brendan Hawthorne hails from the Black Country in the industrial heartland of England, which has forged his attitude to writing and performing poetry.

Raised in Toll End Road and Bolton Court Brendan attended Ocker Hill Infant and Junior School before becoming a pupil at Willingsworth High School. He then worked for Thompson Tankers, Bilston for 18 years after leaving school.

His songs and poetry are described as sometimes hard-hitting, sometimes delicate and poignant and examine the range of human experience from factory gates via 1970s tower blocks to the survival of humour in modern times.

Born in 1961, he is married, with two cats and a retreat summerhouse in Wednesbury.

He is a co-founder of Poetry Wednesbury and regularly performs at Purple Patch (Langley), The Lamp Tavern (Dudley), The Comedian (Great Bridge) and Birmingham's Artsfest, as well as appearing at international poetry conventions and literary festivals.

He has also been known to perform his work at Edwardian Bandstands, churches, pubs, clubs and shop doorways. Also the Birmingham Rep!

More recently Brendan has appeared on 'The Plinth' in London as part of Anthony Gormley's 'One and Other' project where Brendan broadcast his Black Country tales and rantings!

He is the editor of Read The Music, Poet in Residence at St. Paul's Church, Wednesbury and is Poet in Residence at Wightwick Manor.

Brendan also writes his own songs, which can be serious, comedic and soul searching or any combination of the three! He works as a solo performer and also with his blues band, 'The Black Country Coolers' where he sings, plays guitar and harmonica though not always at the same time! 

Some of his work is written and performed in Black Country Dialect to preserve the culture and tradition of an industrialised landscape.

'E Day Arf Spake Funny
Tales of The Black Country in Poetry and Prose CD by Brendan Hawthorne is now available and contains 25 of his most popular dialect pieces.
Contact Brendan on 07970 441110

Barnfield, Fred (The Wednesbury Blobber) RIP Fred

Fred Barnfield was born in 1935 and raised in Tipton in an area known as the 'Lost City'. His dad died young consigning the Barnfields to a life of hardship.
Fred is the artist generally known as the 'Wednesbury Blobber'. He was for 20 years a foundryman and a security guard. But sometime in the early 1970s he picked up a few tins of paint and the rest is history. (Gavin Jones, Black Country Bugle, Peter Rhodes, Express & Star)

Still working at the young age of 74 his latest was his 4D exhition at the Tipton library presented in his own unique way from a clothes line so his art could be seen from both sides.

Thousands of works later, he has passed through his blobbing period, his montage period and his chaos period and has been dabbling in the super minimalist world of plain coloured canvases, deliberately creased.

I call myself a drag artist - I've got to drag people into my exhibitions. I had only 14 visitors to one exhibition and two of them were myself'.

For a more in-depth look into Fred click on the link below.



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