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On this page we promote books that we believe to be of local interest/relevance.

The Ascent of Sedgley Beacon & Other Stuff and Don't Spook The Bonk Oss by Steve Bartley

If you would like to read some funny stories from a Tiptonian about the local area this is a must to read.

 Steve’s books are available from his web site  www.keepouttheossroad.webs.com


Available now - Only £5 including P&P. Special offer: Buy both Don't Spook the Bonk OssThe Ascent of Sedgley Beacon, The Bilston Moon Landing Hoax & Other Stuff for just £8.00 for the two - Including P&P.                                                     

Black Country Dialect by Brendan Hawthorne

Check out Brendan's new book.

'From Tipton to England'  by Steve Mills



This book is about the history of Tipton Town Football Club. It holds information about the beginning of the team and contains facts, results, who played and who drove the club forward. If you have an interest in local history or football you will enjoy reading this book.

If you would like to buy a copy please contact Steve Mills on 07751 954 179, email stevemills@wlv.ac.uk.


Black Country Dialectics - a burlesque in poetry

This is a 32 page booklet with a CD. The poetry is very humorous and takes you back in time to when you were a child. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please get in touch with Tipton library in Unity Walk or ring them on 0121 557 1796.The price is £8.95.

'The Story Behind a Statue' by Perry Beauchamp

The Tipton Slasher (William Perry)

Did they or day thay?

'The Story Behind A Statue' is a true story, now in print, that they are all talking about. Controversial, the book puts right the myths and legends of the Slasher, removal of his body and eye witness accounts of his fights. 

Price: £12.99

If you are interested in purchasing this book by Perry Beauchamp please ring  07583 948 768.

'Tipton Through Time' by Keith Hodgkins


If you are interested in Tipton this book is an absolute must.

Keith Hodgkins has compared photographs from the past with new photos taken from virtually the same position wherever possible.

This book brings back memories of former days and is very enjoyable. If you are interested in buying it please ring Keith on 0121 520 0080. 

'Twenty One Today' by Carol Hathorne

A priest from the Black Country has launched her latest book. Reverend Carol Hathorne's new novel 'Twenty One Today' is a sequel to her previous work 'Only Sixteen'. It follows the story of three girls from the Black Country wo turn 21 in 1965,exploring their relationships with their families and each other.

The author stresses that people don't need to have read the first one to enjoy the book as it stands on its own.

For details about Carol please refer to our 'Local Artists' page.

Tales From A Churchyard by Chris Smith

This book contains stories of:
The Tipton Slasher
One of the country`s most influential educationalists 

A member of the 'Dambusters'
The fist celebrity look-a-like
The start of the Hansons brewery empire
The man who served 77 years in the army
The 17year old girl murdered by her boyfriend

Books can be purchased from:

  • St John's Church Preservation Group stall on Dudley Market every Saturday at £7.50each
  • Tiwana Superstore in High View Street, Kates Hill (open 7 days, within sight of St John's Church) at £7.50 each
  • Dudley Archive at Coseley
  • By mail order, send a cheque for £8.99 incl. p&p to St John's Church Preservation Group,
    The Old School House, St John's Road, Kates Hill, Dudley, DY2 7JT

TIPTON  by John Brimble & Keith Hodgkins

This book shows many old photographs with descriptions that bring back memories for people who visited, worked or grew up in Tipton.
This book was first published in 1995 and reprinted in 1997.
The book covers:
Civic Life                   Streetscapes              Pride in the job.                         
Boozers                    On the Cut                 Shops
Tipton Folk                Road & Rail                Church & Chapel
Schooldays               Sports & Leisure        The Industrial Landscape

Great Bridge & District by Terry Price

A book with old photographs and descriptions that bring back memories for folks who visited, worked or grew up in Great Bridge and the surrounding area.
Published in 2000.
The book covers:
Shops, Market & Streets              Pubs & Customers               
Work, Rest & Play                        Local Personalities                
Chapel, Church & School             Transport

Tipton This 'n' Tipton That by David Bartley

A selection of poems by the Tipton wordsmith.
Some penned in Black Country dialect, others in 'proper' English.
Some intened to be humorous, others a touch more serious.

Books can be purchased from The Tipton Civic Society.

For enquiries please contact Tipton library.


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