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Roy Chilton

Roy Chilton passed away on 17th September 2013 after a very long illness.

Roy joined the TCA in 1967 and remained with us until around 1980. He was a very active member serving as chairman 1967/68, 1973/74 and 1974/75, he was also treasurer for the period 1969/70.

                                                      R.I.P. Roy

Barry Whitehouse MBE

Alastair Gordon Watt                       05.04.1944 - 23.05.2009              

Long-standing member Alastair passed away on 23rd May after a very brief illness, his funeral was held on Tuesday 9th June at New Road Methodist Church followed by burial at Tipton Cemetery.
I first met Alastair when I joined the workforce of the local bakery, S Hickinbottom and Sons, on 11th September 1972, after being made redundant from my previous employer. I was a bread/confectionery salesman and Al worked in the cake stores. Al had been in the bakery industry all his life joining the Tipton bakers, Hurley's, straight from school. When made redundant from Hickinbottom's he took up part-time employment with the 'Express and Star' as a delivery driver.
He was involved briefly with Tipton Carnival in the early days, the late sixties, through the 'Sunblest' tableaux that was entered by Hickinbottom's in the parades.
The Tipton Carnival and the Tipton Community Association was always a talking topic between Al and myself and I was forever trying to persuade him to join us, which he eventually did on 1st September 1975 and he later became an active member of the committee.
Al was a very enthusiastic radio ham and he was certainly A1 with electronics, in fact it was through his persistence that the TCA purchased their own two-way radios for use on our events, which have been very useful and certainly saved us some money over the years.
Alastair was a member of New Road Methodist Church and at one time he was a leader of their youth club. He was also an avid supporter of West Bromwich Albion and attended matches when he could and he was also involved as treasurer of Jubilee Park Community Centre.
Throughout his time with the TCA he served in a number of official position: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Parade Co-Ordinator. The job he really loved and the one at which he really excelled was the Parade Co-Ordinator, a position he held for many years.
Al suffered with arthritis for almost twenty years and unfortunately it eventually tooks its toll on his mobility. He had to reluctantly step down as Parade Co-Ordinator, although he remained at the helm, with his successor, as advisor. He really loved those parades and although he was not the lead figure in recent years, he was bitterly disappointed when the parades hat to be cancelled because of the heavy costs involved to comply with health and safety issues.
Another love of Al's was the annual Father Christmas Sleigh Tour of the town. Although he was not in a position to collect, he served us well by driving his car as a lead support car voluntarily. He really looked forward to this each year and last year he turned up almost every evening during the three week event.
Alastair was a true Black Country lad, he had some very strong views and he was a Life Member and Trustee of the TCA.
He was reliable and someone you could trust, he was a dedicated volunteer who served the Tipton Community Association and his fellow Tiptonians well. Alastair will be very sorely missed by the Association and indeed by his many friends and everyone who knew him.

                                                     R.I.P. Alastair

Barry R Whitehouse MBE

Jonah Penn                                        1931 - 18.05.2009

Jonah passed away on 18th May after a short illness, his funeral was held on Friday 29th May at West Bromwich Crematorium.
Jonah was for many years employed at the family scrap company in Hill Top which ceased trading some twenty years ago.
Jonah loved cars and at one time was the proud owner of a Jensen. He was a very keen photographer and it was through this pastime that I first got to know him, when he joined the Tipton Camera Club, which was an affiliated section of Tipton Community Association and the Club and the TCA had just moved to premises in Wood Street in the late 1970s.
Jonah was a very experienced photographer and he did weddings and many other aspects of photography, for many a year he was the TCA and Tipton Carnival official photographer. We are indebted to him for the numerous photographs he did for us, always at a cost of little or nothing. Unfortunately the last few years, through ill health, he was unable to continue giving us his services.
Although he was a longtime friend of the Tipton Community Association and our photographer he did not officially join the TCA as a member until 2nd March 2004.
Jonah was reliable and he will be sorely missed by the Tipton Community Association and all of his many friends.
                                                      R.I.P. Jonah

Barry R Whitehouse MBE

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